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Manchester United earn more money then champions Manchester City from the Premier League

Manchester United have received more money than champions Manchester City from the Premier League.

Manchester United, who finished second, received £149.77m, £328,491 more than City.

United were paid more because two more of their matches were shown live in the UK – which meant their facilities fee was £2.26m higher.

In total Premier League clubs received £2.42bn, £2.1m more than last season.

United were shown live on UK television 28 times this season, the same number as Liverpool and Arsenal, with City screened 26 times.

A club’s total payment is made up of UK broadcast revenue – of which 50% is shared equally between clubs, 25% is shared based on the number of live UK television matches, and 25% is based on league position – central commercial revenues and international broadcasting revenues.

City received £38.63m for winning the league, £1.93m more than second-placed United.

Payments to Premier League clubs 2017-18
Clubs (by league position) Number of live UK TV matches Merit payment (prize money for league position) Total payment
Manchester City 26 £38.63m £149.44m
Manchester United 28 £36.69m £149.77m
Tottenham 25 £34.76m £144.45m
Liverpool 28 £32.83m £145.90m
Chelsea 26 £30.90m £141.71m
Arsenal 28 £28.97m £142.04m
Burnley 10 £27.04m £119.77m
Everton 19 £25.11m £128.01m
Leicester 12 £23.18m £118.17m
Newcastle 18 £21.24m £123.02m
Crystal Palace 12 £19.31m £114.31m
Bournemouth 11 £17.38m £111.25m
West Ham 17 £15.45m £116.09m
Watford 10 £13.52m £106.25m
Brighton 13 £11.59m £107.71m
Huddersfield 10 £9.66m £102.39m
Southampton 16 £7.73m £107.24m
Swansea 10 £5.79m £98.53m
Stoke 12 £3.86m £98.86m
West Brom 10 £1.93m £94.67m

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