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Jose Mourinho takes sensational swipe at Antonio Conte with match fixing scandal barb


Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho has hit back at criticism from Chelsea manager Antonio Conte, reminding the former Juventus manager that he was previously accused of match fixing scandal.

Conte had earlier attacked Mourinho, by accusing the Portuguese of suffering from senile dementia.

It came after the Red Devils manager taunted him over behaving like a clown on the touchline.

And now Mourinho has hit back following his side’s 2-0 victory over Derby in the FA Cup third round.

Responding for the first time since Conte’s dementia comment, he told reporters: “I don’t blame him.

“The press should apologise to me and him. Question was completely wrong and because of that, out of control reaction. I was speaking about myself.

”You said Mourinho said you behaved as a clown. I was speaking about myself.

“I don’t need the Chelsea manager to say I made mistakes in the past and will in future. What I will say is I will never be banned for match fixing.”

Conte was initially banned for 10 matches which was reduced to four over match fixing claims in 2012.

During his time as Siena manager, Conte was accused of failing to report alleged match fixing in two matches during the 2010-11 season.

He was later cleared in relation to one of the two matches.

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