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Jordi Alba says he wants Liverpool to beat Real Madrid in Champions League final

Barcelona left-back Jordi Alba has revealed he will be rooting for Liverpool as he wants Madrid to ‘lose all of their games’.

Alba and Barcelona were knocked out of the Champions League in the quarter-final by Italian side AS Roma in a stunning comeback at the Stadio Olympico.

‘Our relationship is a strange one because even though I get on perfectly with them all, I still want them to lose all of their games,’ Alba said.

‘I congratulated them [on reaching the Champions League final] but I would have liked to not have to.’

Real Madrid face Premier League side Liverpool in Champions League final on Saturday in Kiev.

Speaking on the guard of honour snub, Alba added: ‘Their refusal to give us a guard of honour? It’s more to do with the media than the teams, but they will have their reasons for not doing it. We are still champions regardless.’

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