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FIFA threaten to throw Spain out of Russia World Cup for government interference

FIFA have reportedly sent a warning latter to Spain  that they risk being excluded from the World Cup due to possible political interference.

Spanish football has been led by interim Juan Larrea since the summer after veteran chief Angel Maria Villar was forced to step down on corruption charges.

According to El País, a proposal by the Higher Sports Council to hold new elections would be seen as interference in the running of the federation. Every country’s football federaion has to be run independently and while the propsoal of new elections sent by the Administrative Tribunal of Sport to the Council of State has not been issued a response or decision, FIFA have acted.

In 2008, FIFA already threatened Spain with expulsion from the Euros, which they eventually won, due to a confrontation between Jaime Lissavetzky and Ángel María Villa.

Sepp Blatter said, at the time, “the FIFA emergency committee can meet in six hours and suspend Spain, but we want to avoid that” Blatter said that the organisation he presided over was “like the United Nations but with more power.”

FIFA usually suspends the membership of any nation if political pressure is found to influence its football association.


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