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Antonio Conte denies Vialli’s quit claim

Antonio Conte has denied the claim from Gianluca Vialli that he can’t wait to leave Chelsea.

Conte claimed he has not spoken to his ex-team mate in more than a year and insisted he is fed-up of the talk about his future.

Former Chelsea boss Vialli, now a TV pundit, said Conte can not wait to quit Stamford Bridge in the wake of their defeat to Tottenham on Sunday.

‘Conte can’t wait to leave Chelsea,’ Vialli told Sky Sport Italia earlier this week. ‘He can’t stand that they sell or buy players without consulting him.’

Speaking ahead of Chelsea’s Premier League clash against West Ham, Conte vehemently denied the suggestion, admitting that while the former Blues star was a friend, they have not been in contact for a year.

Conte said: ‘It’s not true. Gianluca is a friend but I haven’t talked with him for one year. It is not true.

‘It’s very difficult for me because since the start of the season I am listening to a lot of speculation about my future. I listen to a lot of people talking about my future.

‘I have read a lot of speculation about my future since the start of the season, not just now.

‘The only truth is that I am committed to this club. I have a contract for this club. I am working very hard for this club. This is the only truth. The other situations are not true.’

The former Juventus boss faces the sack if Chelsea fail to finish in the top four, which looks likely after their defeat by Tottenham left them eight points behind.

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