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Antonela Roccuzzo leaks the sex of her unborn child

Lionel Messi’s wife confirms the gender of their unborn child


Lionel Messi’s wife Antonela Roccuzzo has revealed the sex of their unborn child as the couple get ready to welcome latest addition – and it’s A BOY AGAIN.

Antonela confirmed she was pregnant last month with an Instagram photo showing her husband Lionel Messi and their two sons touching her stomach alongside the caption: “Family of 5. Blessed.”

The couple, who got married early this summer in their home city of Rosario, wrote a birthday message for their eldest son Thiago, who they call Thiagui.

Writing on social media with a touching message to mark his fifth birthday, she said in Spanish: “Happy Birthday Thiagui. Five years old. How big you are my love. I hope you’re always this happy.

“We love you to where the rockets fly.”

Antonela used the shortened form of the word ‘Hermanito’ – Little Brother – at the end of the message rather than Hermanita meaning Little Sister.

The hashtag sentence in Spanish translates into English as “Daddy and Mummy, Matu And Your Little Brother on the way, we cannot possibly love you any more.”

Antonela married the Barcelona striker in a glitzy wedding in their home city of Rosario on June 30.


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